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"An Obstacle is often a Stepping Stone"

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Player Development Training: Our goal at Carolina  Basketball  Academy Training is to develop the athlete into the best basketball player they can be using the same intense, progressive techniques taught at the collegiate and professional levels. The programs are Individual, Small Group, Team, or Coach Training curriculum, based on the skill set and needs of the participants. Each 60-90 minute session will ensure the necessary time needed for the player to understand, develop individual basketball skills, and improve their confidence. We will cover every aspect of the game.

Example of Skills Covered: Shooting Mechanics (off catch, off dribble), Jab Step Series, Dribble Separation, Weak Hand Development, Finishing, Advanced Dribble Scoring Methods, Moving Without the Ball, Post and Perimeter Work, 2 and 3 Man Game, Triple Threat Separation, Footwork, Seeing the Floor, Conditioning, Defensive Work, Team Chemistry, Leadership, Basketball IQ, and much more.


 CBA Academy is to give every student the tools necessary to be successful in life. We also believe that if given the chance, each student can learn and achieve his or her goals academically, socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We are committed to give every child a sound and solid foundation in the skills necessary to function in society. We want to help every student to believe, to achieve, and to have faith that they, too, can be successful in life. To enable them to realize their gifts and talents and that nothing is impossible when God comes first

Together we make our school a SUCCESS!

Show you care by treating children with respect.

Use every opportunity to guide and inspire students.

Choose to make the most of each day.

Commit to excellence in everything that you do.

Express your praise to students and co-workers for their good deeds. 

Show respect for your child.

Support your child and their teachers


Greg Primus 

Coach Primus

Coach Primus has 19 years of  Skill Development and NBA training, and development Primus also has a Scouting Background as an independent consultant for the National Basketball Association (NBA)


Jamie Foster 


Coach Dame

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